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20 year old Illinois native and aspiring entertainer YackDaRula (Austin Ellison) arrived on the rap scene in the early months of 2019. His high energy, insane work ethic (boasting over 100 tracks) and the ability to connect with his peers through music he has made himself an instant sensation in the hip-hop community. He has since released 3 mixtapes on under the label driven project (SoloManiAxe), the self identifying album (Self Worth), the entergitc and thrilling Ep (YackDaRipper) And his break out single (Just Leave). YackDaRula has an arsenal of music videos out on youtube, including a Direct2Exec Live performance with Atlantic Records A&R Knowledge.YackDaRula's live performance is tested and exhilarating , opening for acts such as Murphy Lee,K Stylis and D Fiji. YackDaRula can be found on all music platforms and is currently signed to independent record label (Nekcmo Records LLC).
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