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WeWantMore is not a statement of greed, or at least not in the way it first comes across. It is born from a generation who sees the condition that the world is in and is not content to leave it the way we found it. We are hungry for more. More what you may ask? More love, more joy, more unity, more respect for our fellow man, more giving, more “doing unto others”, more looking out for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Our followers are the “World Changers”, a family that strive to change the world around us however big or small our influence is. A group of people who dreams big and works hard to accomplish those dreams. Not taking no for an answer or giving up when other people don’t believe in our dreams for us. They are our dreams to dream, not theirs and there is nothing that anyone can say to get us to stop running after them. The World Changers use their gifts, talents, passions, interests for the betterment of the world around us. The world is big, and some would say too big to change but us World Changers think bigger than that and know that all of us together, working individually and collectively to change our little section of the world can literally change the world! Cause we aren’t content to leave it like it is now. WeWantMore. WeWantMore is a Pop/EDM trio of brothers Kyle and Austin Craichy and best friend (aka our brother by choice) Johnny Atys. The group is known for their high energy music, top of the line music videos and crazy dance moves. WeWantMore was formed in 2014 originally as the KAJ Brothers best known for their EP, Chivalry, known for hits like She Wants To Dance and Love on the Dance Floor. The trios mission goes far beyond making amazing music, their real goal is to inspire their fans to dream big, run after their dreams, and work hard to accomplish them. WeWantMore has set their sights on anti depression as their main focus, "depression is something that effects everybody at one time or another, and it really hinders them from fully enjoying their life" says Johnny Atys, "we want to use our music, our shows, our videos to transport them to another place where they can be filled with joy and forget about all of their problems" Austin Craichy chimed in. WeWantMore has already received over 1.5 MILLION Views on Youtube, ranked #4 on the AC Top 40 Charts and been performing all over the country. Their new self titled EP, WeWantMore just released and is definitely their best work yet.

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