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Motivated, and full of energy, emerging artist, Tragically Magic, is a music making machine! Hailing from the Cape Cod region, Chad Kinnear grew up in small Massachusetts towns with unique names like Falmouth and Mashpee. Kinnear suffered numerous life-threatening injuries in his life. Friends nicknamed him “Black Magic,” as he continued to cheated death, over and over again. Surviving everything from severe burns and electrocution, to poisoning and accidental overdose, Magic has been knocked down repeatedly, but he always finds a way to bounce back. Identifying with misfortune, he adopted the fitting stage-name, Tragically Magic, and began using music to draw audiences through the darkness, into the light on the other side of trauma. As a teenager, Tragically Magic competed as a boxer in local gyms. In January of 2016, Magic trained too hard, gaining 35 pounds of muscle in only two weeks. The added mass was put on so rapidly, his body couldn’t keep up, and both of Tragically Magic’s feet and ankles were crushed beneath his own weight. With a backup plan to join the military ruined too, Magic’s entire life changed. With a warrior mentality, he pushed on. Finding purpose in music, Tragically Magic moved forward as an artist, embracing his gift of song. Tragically Magic pulls from a vast vocabulary and dabbles in experimental rhyme schemes. He delves deep into the complexities of the human psyche, using his spoken word style to navigate an engaging backdrop of rhythm. His voice lifts audiences up, pulling them out of sorrow. With an original hip-hop sound, Tragically Magic integrates 90’s-style beats into his captivating raps. His parent’s taste in music had direct influence on Magic’s early interests. From his dad, he gained classic rock legends, like AC/DC, while his mother contributed smooth R&B, like Usher and Ne-Yo. Magic also notes, Dax and J. Cole, as two other artists impacting his methodology. Tragically Magic started recording music of his own in March of 2019 with the debut track, “Best of It.” His second song immediately followed, “Left Behind,” a powerful piece about abandonment. Within his first three months on the scene, Tragically Magic had already released two singles, two albums, and was gaining listeners. As the year progressed, Tragically Magic continued to turn out new tracks. Since then, he’s recorded numerous singles, an EP, and his latest project, INSIDE, a 20-track album intentionally dropped the same year Magic turned 20, a golden event for 2020. With over 100 songs written to date, Tragically Magic isn’t slowing down any time soon. Streaming across all major digital platforms, his momentum continues. He is blazing ahead with fiery energy. Writing from the pain of physical injury, Tragically Magic pulls deep from the darkness of his soul, finds a guiding light, and holds it up for others. With a revolutionary approach to the current music culture, Tragically Magic strides forward, bringing audiences out of low places, inspiring hope, and encouraging resilience.

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