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DaJohn, also known as, Darius Ahman Johnson, is an independent recording artist, who most regularly creates hip-hop/rap and R&B music. He began performing at the age of seven. DaJohn is a sharp tongue, talented lyricist with the ability to create artistic imagery with his music. He has the ability to express his feelings, thoughts and desires to his fan base using rhythmic and melodic hooks and choruses. Currently, at the age of 18, he has recorded three mixtape EPs and has written over 50 songs. DaJohn was grew up abroad while living and traveling with his parents; who are retired military veterans. His parents eventually settled in Frederick Maryland, where DaJohn most recently graduated from high school , and is currently attending The University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he studies Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.
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The Wave
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The Plot
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The Prayer

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