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Shneider Dutton "Shy" Dutton (born December 29, 1995) is a singer, songwriter, and dancer born in Stamford, Connecticut. Shy Dutton showed aspiration of entering the music scene at a very young age, his singing and dancing offers a very lively and entertaining element to his performing and with his diverse background of American and Caribbean music, he offers a very different sonic perspective to the culture of pop music that exist today. Shy Dutton comes from a family of musical people, with his sister Arshley Dutton being a very well established Caribbean star, his uncle a gospel singer, and his mother Marlange Dutton a choreographer, Shy Dutton was not only surrounded by music but also became a student of the process of music at a very young age, entering his first talent show at the age of 6 the young artist knew very early on that he would aspire to be a performing artist. The young artist has a surrounding team that is very supportive and have complete faith in him. They have all been with him since the takeoff of his career and are now very excited to see the route that his career will take. Quoted by Mike Antoine (head of billionaire productions) “I’ve worked with a lot of artist so I know talent, and I believe that Shneider has the talent and potential to be the greatest”.
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