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Forrest Andrews, popularly known as SdotP, is an American poet, rapper and songwriter of Hip Hop and Rap music. Born and raised in northwest Washington DC, SP began rapping at the age of 9. At the age of 12, SP began performing with a gospel group called “3 in One”. The group successfully engaged young fans at east coast youth centers in NY, NJ, Philadelphia and DC. After sometime however, the group dismantled and SP returned to the hood, doing cyphers and rap battles with his boyz in “Black Heart Society” or “BHS”. SP explains, “You might hear me shout out BHS in my lyrics. Me and my boy Chops came up with the name to represent young black artists and entrepreneurs from uptown DC. Black represents black brothers in our society. HEART represents the Love in your heart, or in some cases the Hate, if that exists. The Society, meaning the organization who unites us as brothers, and black entrepreneurs.” It wasn’t easy growing up in the hood. At the age of 21, SP experienced some life changing events. “It was my mom birthday and it was just a regular night. Me and my cuz was walking to the convenience store to grab some snacks, and the next thing I know, I’m shot in the arm. I got home but I lost a lot of blood. Actually, I passed out and hit the ground face first and fractured my tooth.” On another occasion, “We were all outside just coolin when shots jumped off from nowhere. We didn’t even know what was happening. Everything was chaotic. I grabbed my “peace” with the intention on defending my family, when my mom jumped up trying to stop me just as I pulled the trigger. Aww man…the pistol jammed in my mama’s face. I froze realizing what coulda just happened. It’s not a game… life stopped for me at that moment. I actually speak of that incident in my song “Trappin”, when I say “can’t overlook my blessings.” SP admits that incident humbled and chilled him. With an amazing portfolio of ready to go songs, SdotP dropped his first mixtape “REAL” (Remember Everybody Ain’t Loyal) on Datpiff and Soundcloud in June 2017. The REAL mixtape has 14 songs including “some bangas for the club, some goodies for the ladies and some trap rap for my listeners”, says SP. The next mixtape won’t be far off either…. cause there are already a slew of songs ready for the next drop. SdotP dominated rap competition showcases this year, receiving awards from the Universal Music Group and Positive Music Campaign for WPGC radio. He was a guest performer at Coast2Coast Baltimore and Coast2Coast DC venues, and performed at numerous clubs across the DMV. He's finessed hundreds at the 6th Annual Fleet DJs Conference in Raleigh, NC amongst engaging fans. A true Sagittarius and formidable entertainment talent, SdotP is known to connect with his audience through his real life lyrics, finessin’ style, and bodacious stage performances. FB/T/IG/ @realsdotp Also Known As: SP Famous As: Lyricist/Rapper Nationality: American Birth Date: December 7, 1989 Age: 28 yrs Sun Sign: Sagittarius Height: 6 ft Born In: Washington, DC, U.S.
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