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Hi, My name is Yung Law, I am a 24yr Old Hip Hop Artist from the Westside of Chicago, I began rapping at the age of 11yrs old. I was influenced by alot of Rappers such as Do or Die, Crucial Conflict,with me comin up in the heart of the Westside. I stopped rapping for a while , because i became a Barber and been cuttin for 10yrs and present. I recently started back rapping and debuted my first single, Yung Law- Countin my Money, Sept,10th and It has Youtube on Fire, Ive been on Urbangrindtv 3times and Did 2 Shows at Shrine and Rap Factory in 2 Weeks. Also I have a Big Big show comin up this weekend at Club E for the Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Industry Mixer, They email me sayin my Song was Chosen to Perform this Saturday AT Club E at 10pm, Doors open up at 9pm. I am on the rise with this Song I hope you Like it and check the video out on Youtube: Yung Law-Countin my Money ,,..You gon Love it ...Thank You and God Bless.....

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