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I started with a dream since I was a young Lad, with diverse likings an taste for all sorts of music, from the preparation to the message itself. I was drawn to a beat an to a movement whether instrumentally or lyrically. Music can influence in a positive way an it can also influence in a negative way. What makes music so dangerous an beautiful at the same time, is the ability to "hook" "capture" an "engage" whether "good nor bad"; was at the heart of the creator' much can be instilled upon the fragile imperfections of the human race, although this powerful tool can be used for "Evil" music in itself has a flowing force of "REMARKABILITY" in spirit' regardless of how it's used. Music is made from a wave of mysterious an uncharted "LOVE" learn that' an you will find the "Original Creator" limitless with zero stoppable measures: learn that' an find a reason to seek your own instilled "GOODNESS" through the only force worth searching an the true fulfillment against the darkness of a dieing world... HARDCOREHEARTZ


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