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Novi Tide was raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma a.k.a. the "Shady Five-80." Novi survived a very difficult and unpredictable childhood. He was shuffled from foster home to foster home, separated him from his brothers, mother and father. During his time of as a foster child, the racist foster parent paid by the State to care for him tried to kill him. Foster mom put Novi in pot of scalding hot water. He survived this first battle for his life when he was four years old. After a series of skin-grafting surgeries and pain that somehow never faded from his memory, Novi was returned to family members. But shortly thereafter, the abusive foster care cycle continued. Fighting for his sanity and sense of self before he was even a teenager, Novi found his family, structure, love from the OGs. Even though the OGs were characterized as villains, they saved this young vet a many a time. Novi’s life as a young vet, loyal only to the OGs, his set, drugs, and sex. While his mother spent almost a decade in prison, he survived the best way he knew how. The key to who Novi is today is through his experience with pain and struggling times all sprinkled with smiles and angels that crossed his path. For the past seven years or so, Novi and his music have evolved several times. Starting by expression of anger and alliance only to the streets, Novi created lyrical C-4, with no passion or mercy---just laying down the blueprint he used to grind. Over time, and sincere prayers for a change in direction, Novi found a way to conquer all of his demons, hater-made obstacles and evolved in an artist who is interested in only provoking thoughts and soothing hearts with his music. Novi grew up on artists like NATE DOGG, UGK, E40, Z-RO, TRAE, ANDRE 3000, tons of R&B and most local artists and other down south rappers and singers. During the times in his life that he was with family, he sang in a church choir and felt deep down that music took him a step closer to heaven. Making beats soon became a hobby of his, which evolved into a profession. Perfecting his craft and intensifying his unique sound, Novi has become a dedicated artist with a distinct sound. Once you experience his music, you feel how Novi liquefied the intensity of his pain and obstacles into the octane that fuels his music. In addition to his lyrical talents, Novi is a real, down to earth, humble spirit that people love to be around. The tough circumstances and experiences described in his music has molded him into a loving father to his very own baby girl, Ellie. Knowing the pain he felt missing his mother, Novi’s proudest accomplishment is being the King of Ellie’s heart. Novi has performed in various shows and locations including: 2Throwd Birthday Memorial Bash, Mango's Studio to the Stage Artist Showcase, Urban Roots, DaGr8FM, Power 103.5 Hip-Hop Cypher, the Lion’s Den, and Kirko Bangs at Smitty's House of Music. Novi has an arsenal of music that includes R&B, EDM and Hip-Hop tracks, as well as an additional 60 original beats he has produced. The success of his new release How Do You Feel? is a strong indicator that the whole world about to experience a NoviTide.

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