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Matty Fresco brings smooth melodies and a distinct focus as a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Born (November 1, 1991) in New Jersey he was exposed to unique urban settings, mixed cultures, and a variety of music. His sound stems from his modest upbringing and has an old-spirit R&B feel. Growing up with three older siblings and his twin brother Matty became influenced by greats such as Usher, 112, John B, and Biggie Smalls as their music was on constant repeat in his household and in every car ride he took. Matty first realized his passion for creating music at age 16 when his older brother, gifted him a Roland Juno-G keyboard. Shortly after, he started experimenting with simple loops and making beats and instantly became obsessed. He credits his brother’s godfather, a blind priest known to the family as “Father Mike”, for inspiring him to pursue a career in music as an outlet to express himself to the world. It was countless live piano performances, piano side conversations and soulful songs that pushed Matty to begin writing his own music. Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, and Pop are all Matty’s preferred genres to record but generally he leaves it up to his feelings and life experiences to drive his inspiration. Using music as an outlet to deal with the inevitable trials and tribulations of life, has given his music an extremely authentic feel.

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