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Indi Singer/Songwriter, Rapper, Ambassador/Influencer. Student at Seneca College for Independent Songwriting and Performance. Owner and Ceo of both Laydee Lyrix and Lifted as a sole proprietor with goals of becoming incorporated by Christmas 2021. Teamed up with Captured Connections Inc to prepare her first campaign and rollout with projected presales of 10,000 CAD. Offical Drop is the Week of Christmas eve 2021! 2 Visuals are in production to be released in the coming new year with her next campaign. Driven to express her spiritual nature through music Laydee Lyrix cannot contain her desire to be on stage vocalizing. As a young, vibrant, Canadian aboriginal artist, Laydee Lyrix is creating her own destiny breaking international barriers to share her take on the cipher. In fact, Laydee Lyrix is already a role model in her community. By refusing to let her individual voice be suppressed, she is paving the way for young female entrepreneurs seeking careers as rappers, singers, and songwriters in a world dominated by men. Where do you start when recognizing this enormously talented young Aboriginal woman? Unable to hold back her creative energy, Laydee Lyrix is no stranger to the stage; she was stunning audiences with her raw talent and creative energy at a very young age. From Filming with APTN, to flying out to Winnipeg at 20, to still maintaining relevance gaining more synergy in the industry at 31. This journey led her to Miami not once, twice, but three times. She previously competed in the Championship Finals and also recorded at the world-renowned Bay Eight Studios. She plans to return with a time slot already booked upon her return to Miami in November 2021 for the annual Coast 2 Coast Conference, a Listening session with "Success" of Atlantic Records, and of course the Rick Ross Show at 11miami! This Lyricist has bold edgy lyrics that demand your attention and draw out what lies dormant in the hearts and souls of her listeners. Music has always been an escape for Laydee Lyrix who struggled with a learning disability only recently diagnosed as well as addiction and mental health/social barriers. "It is my most joyful escape from reality, and songs are my gift back to the people," says Lyrix Her constant enthusiasm to express what lives in her soul is infectious and contagious to the younger generation. Through her music, she is constantly encouraging and challenging her audience to be daring, innovative, and fearless in reaching for their dreams. Growing up in an urban community with her Aboriginal spirit coursing through her soul, Laydee Lyrix has refused to give up her dream of establishing her own Label and identity as a strong, independent, Aboriginal female artist. In addition to her singer-songwriter abilities, Laydee Lyrix is an amazing dancer. Her years of study in jazz, tap, hip-hop, and gymnastics all contribute to her dynamic presence on stage. She attributes her incredible sense of rhythm to growing up listening to the beat of her ancestral drum. Laydee Lyrix considers herself a respectful life-long student, learning from the people she meets and the challenges she encounters. She has excelled in vocal, dance, drama and theatre, continually grabbing the spotlight in performance. Her insatiable appetite for improvement as an all-around artist will serve this young woman well as she matures and continues to craft her musical brand. Contact info: Kimberly Ferguson 905-347-3325
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