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J.U.T which stands for Just Underground Talent, is an independent unsigned artist from Houston Texas born in Lake Charles Louisiana on November 22 1984. J.U.T known by the government as Justin Fisher always loved music as a kid and always dreamed of being an entertainer it all started at the age of twelve when J.U.T spit his first freestyle in health class. The same day J.U.T went home and begged his mother for a tape recorder. After J.U.T received a tape recorder, he kept recording until he upgraded to a karoake machine. In 2003 J.U.T finally recorded his first demo in a professional recording studio at age 18. J.U.T was then signed to the label Lethal Inc in Houston Texas in 2005. Once J.U.T'' s contract expired he became independent. While signed with Lethal Inc J.U.T did live performances with such artist as Big Pokey and Big Moe J.U.T also won a freestyle competition where he was awarded a trophy by 97.9 the box. Once J.U.T''S contract expired he chose to become independent. Once J.U.T was an independent artist he became part of a rap group in Houston Texas called the Houstonian Henchmen. which consisted of four members J.U.T, Q STICK, KE-100, AND KOUNT RAPULA during this time The Henchmen managed to win several awards at open mic and eventually were aired on Houston''s very own Hot TV. As time passed two of the Henchmen members Q-STICK and KE-100 became incarcerated which forced J.U.T to become a solo artist but J.U.T still claims Houstonian Henchmen and implies that he is still and always will be an active member of Houstonian Henchmen but right now he is a solo artist.Currently as a solo independent artist J.U.T has a new mixtape out titled STREETS 2 STARDOM J.U.T also has just recently released a new group album recorded by the Houstonian Henchmen titled RAPMATICS. J.U.T has also worked with Lil Flip creating a single on itunes titled FOR THE H Featuring Lil Flip.

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