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Hey what’s poppin!? Issacloudydae a.k.a Dae Dae here just trying to briefly introduce myself. I’m am really a vibe to be honest and very humble. From South Carolina but now currently in Oregon. I’m an experimental artist meaning that I’m versatile in my music. From hip hop, rap and RnB to Alternative, Pop, House/EDM, Rock…I’m really having fun with it and showcasing my talent to reach everyone I can. I’ve made major sacrifices to really kick off my career and having more time to focus on my music. Starting living in my car to save money bouncing around. I know it sounds bad but it’s really okay to me sometimes you gotta struggle to make it. Making music is my passion and I really put it all into every verse so that you can really feel that energy when you listen. As a person, I’m honestly a vibe for real. Nothing but good energy, no negativity allowed over here. Truly just all love towards those who gives the same treatment back. If you really believe in me and like what I do, stick around for the ride. “Issacloudydae going sky way bout to elevate hit my line before it’s too late”. issacloudydae on all platforms.

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