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Born August 13, 1991 Imyounik is the brightest star shinning out of Dallas. With the stage presence that rivals some of the all time greats and talent you can’t deny, Imyounik is taking the music world by storm. She grew up listening to an eclectic variety of music ranging from the classics to such pop titans as Aaliyah, Backstreet Boys, and Brittany Spears while absorbing and emulating her lifes path. Though she completed her first recording at the tender age of nine she has taken the time to develop and cultivate her natural star quality into pure greatness. In 2009 at the Mic Moodswings Texas Summer Music Conference she got her first real performance and wowed audiences, eventually catching the attention of music industry veteran Isis Wisdom who began to manage her under Major League Music Group imprint. Over the last couple years Imyounik has further cultivated her sound perfecting it in a style that is uniquely her. This edgy genre bending music has taken the digital world by storm gaining her tens of thousands of followers on twitter and tens of thousands of plays on youtube, it seems fans can’t get enough. Her diversity, sex appeal, and marketability has already drawn in the music industry veterans and music fans alike and is growing exponentially. You can’t help but look out for Imyounik!
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