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"First, a quick background of myself, I was born and raised in Denver, CO. My recent accomplishments I am proud of are receiving my Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Tuskegee University, a Historically Black College and University in the state of Alabama. Upon completion of my matriculation I moved to Seattle to start my career as an engineer. Although, despite all of these “great accomplishments” I can honestly say I was unhappy. I had managed to do everything “I was supposed to do”, and yet, I hated every moment of that empty life. My skills may lie in pieces of science, but my heart belongs to the many different arts. Art that stir my reality in ways to which I doubt the fiber of my existence. I’ve always had a passion for music and wanted to pursue it. Now that I have the resources to do so, I finally got into a space where I can fund that dream. I am a firm believer in higher education, because mixed with a hunger and passion; you can create great possibilities and decisions. All educated bullshit aside; I’m really a cool dude at heart. I like to do all sorts of things that revolve around having a good time with the people that matter most. Handle business, get lit, do shots, and make memories..... Beyond that, looking at these times and perhaps reflecting on its relevance, or the value (or lack of value it has). Taking a question and finding the answer. It's that simple to me. Loaded as it may sound, I genuinely get a kick of thinking about shit like that. I am young and I want it all. Regardless if I'm lost in my thought process, making music, or the shenanigans I engage in, I will fight to be a legend" - Hanzo The Phantom

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