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Bio- Teryn G. McRae (born on November 27, 1992 - Washington, D.C), (mother- Debyn Brown- Father- N/A) better known by his stage name Filosophy and by his alter ego TGM. Teryn had a harsh childhood growing up living in dc area, Teryn took up music at the age of 3 and rapping, singing and songwriting by the age of 14, and by the time he got to high school he was well known through out his local area as hip-hop prodigy, unsigned hype who not only could rap but could song write and sing when ever people would hear his songs or hear him sing they would just watch an awe and say just listening to him made them believe in music and made them want to just enjoy each every one of his songs. Teryn gave himself the name filosophy because of his roots, Teryn never knew his father growing up never saw once a day in his life all he knew is that he was mixed with dominican and black because of his father from that the way Teryn was he always had a nautral curiosity about things instead of saying yes he would ask why and how and never really took things for what they were and in his songs that he would write his metaphors, similes, and the way he would use personification really attracted people to his music so he took the word Filosophia which in spanish means philosophy and switched the spelling to Filosophy from then on his name would catch attention throughout the hiphop scene.Teryn grew up in the dc area south east to be exact where at that time dc was one of the states with the highest crimes rates, He had a troubled time growing up wether it would be being jumped and robbed almost everyday just because of how he looked, being stabbed and left for dead by one of his closest friends, being shot at in attempt to take his life, being beat half to death and left for dead by a man who pretended to be his father being picked on, bullied, harrased, and told by his teachers and his family that he wasnt going to amount to anything. Teryn always found faith and relieve in his music and never gave up on himself or his talent which is one of the reasons he says he is here today. By the age of 18 Teryn was on the hip-hop and Rap scene hard , recording tracks and singles developing his sound so that one day he could become a great in the game not only was he determined to make it but he had a daughter on the way with that news that just pushed the young artist even harder to make something of his music. Teryn found his sound by the age of 19 when he recorded his hit song Fucked up which has gotten thousands of views on youtube, featured in DMV heat local magazine and also got radio play on 96.3 caliente FM and also got air play on badbitchradio. From there on Teryn knew what he had to do to make it, Teryn started releasing hit after hit, which caught the attention of local club promoters in his area who asked him to perform at there venue. By the age of 20 Teryn slowed down and realized that if he wants to make it big as an artist he has to prepare himself and master his craft Teryn took that year to song write, perform, practice, and get his fan base to a point where he could get a buzz. Teryn realized that as long as he has his pen and pad and his motivation nothing will stop him from making it to the top. Now at the age of 21 with his daugther being 2 .Teryn has mastered his craft and is ready to take the game by storm he is one of the most underrated, talented, brilliant, artist of his time who has the power if put in the right hands to become something great, In conclusion Teryn G. McRae aka Filosophy is simply a young artist who has had a love for music since he could blink who will stop at nothing to make it to the top and ultimately be able to share his love for music with world. My name is Filosophy and this is my story.

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