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The true and living result born from Hip-Hop parents with pioneer roots, “D-MOST” displays an unequivocal talent of lyrical content and rap skill delivery which reveals a genuine substance of Contemporary & Classic Hip-Hop embodied within his DNA and Soul. Straight and direct from the Motherland of Hip-Hop “D-MOST” profoundly represents The Boogie Down Bronx, New York City and the true art of rap. The appropriate tag line/slogan “Hip-Hop’s Best Kept Secret” & “The Kid With The Million Dollar Flow” truthfully and correctly describe and answer the marketability and void of True School Hip-Hop Artistry for the 21st Century. The style, flow and showmanship of “D-MOST” has been compared to the combined sounds and works of Fabulous, 50 Cent and JAY-Z collectively, yet effortlessly, his demeanor and tenure of work proves to be originally creative and illustrates a deep rooted essence of three generations of Hip-Hop Greatness. D-MOST conveys and displays a modern day masterfulness of today’s reputable pulse and fashionable vibe of Street-Hustler-Gangster-Thug-Glam-Life-Code respectfully. All while harboring a morale fiber and quality fabric of conscious humility for today’s Hip-Hop audiences and critics alike. Simply put – “D-MOST”, has rhymed since he was five years old has been groomed since birth and is emphatically becoming a voice in the ranks of Hip-Hop
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