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Bio: I started rapping about 35 years ago in the early RUN DMC, LL COOL J days the whole 9 yards I'm from Laplace Project (St. John Parish Housing) L-Town; LAPLACE Louisiana. I got my first break when I signed with an independent label out of TULSA OKLAHOMA, while I was in job corps trying to better my life after quitting high school, well I ended up in PARAMOUNT STUDIO'S, HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA recording songs with the world-famous MARY JANE GIRLS, VAL YOUNG, and CANDY GANT; all courtesy of MICHEAL BIVENS whom I met in the studio during a session. I also went to the famous NEW YORK, MANHATTEN recording studio in TIME SQUARE (QUAD STUDIO'S) for those who know that's groundbreaking in itself; where I recorded songs with VAL and E BUDDY BANKS of THE RUDE BOYS; all of which was executively produced by RANDY MULLER of the world famous; funk group BRASS CONSTRUCTION, now that's old school for you; do your research. my album titled STEP TO ME BABY was NATIONALLY DISTRIBUTED; I had friends that was in the military who say they bought my album in EUROPE15 YEARS AGO. I guess I was way ahead of my time; but I keep doing what I loved doing; rapping this rap game is in my blood so, I couldn't quit. Now 20 years later I finally hooked up with another famous producer/musician DAVID-D FUNK, who produced songs for MYSTICAL, JAY Z, 50 CENT, ANAYA TWAIN, etc. he produced my album titled BELLY OF THE BEAST, check out some of the songs.
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