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The amalgamation of chosen languages! Born in 1991, 24 year old De'Andre' McPherson aka December Deydey, is striving to change the world one line at a time. Raised by his single mother in The Bronx, New York, a battle between church and the streets was fought for major influence in his life, bringing a sense of soul to his music starting from a very young age. Including gospel music, reggae and hip hop, his style of writing is a cultivation of many different aspects of life. Taking heed to advice given by his uncle, to "wait until his vocabulary has advanced enough to express himself the way he really wants", his progressive approach to "conscious rap", has been in the works for years. "13 Candles; An Album of Endeavors", his most recent project and solo album, has pushed the boundaries of your ordinary rapper in his mid-twenties. Evoking a sense of self awareness and motivation, speaking specifically to an audience that "needs to hear it", as he puts it. With tracks like "Holy Water" and "Yes Lord" there is a clear presence of religious influence yet a raw and gritty conviction and belief in the reformation of "the hood". Yet again with his freelance style of writing, songs like "Dismal Shyt", make a play at current media and exhibit a rebellious attitude towards pop culture. Truly apart of a two man group named "Twin Wun" an acronym for "twas written is now what you need", is how they sincerely feel about their music. Twin Wun is comprised of December Deydey and Clyde "Uptown JR" Jones, who also happens to be his cousin. The two profess a message of empowerment from both sides of the fence, from the path of being in the streets and knowing when and how to find a way out. Starting out in 2011, they have been diligently but silently working on the next couple of projects that will be coming your way. Included even on 13 Candles, December says in the song "Dismal Shyt" "chief got cheeba on silence, f#@king Yankee in Jaguar country trying". A testament to the groups bold move to Florida, knowing no one there and having no jobs set up, simply for music purposes. The long awaited "DOGS at ROME" project from Twin Wun will be released around winter 2016. Also indicated in the song "Yes Lord" off 13 Candles with the line, "believe me when I say there's reasons to roam, if comprised on new Eastern can we complete ROME". In closing, like said from all that have heard the "self leaked" songs off of 13 Candles, this music has a purpose and will help the people that need it and even the ones that don't. December's message is not one that will have you "popping bottles" and "throwing bands". Yet it's music that can be played from beginning to end, with subtle hints of old school "flava" and melodies current to the style of hip hop. 13 Candles an album of his endeavors will bring a new edge to the radio, and begin the questioning of artistry and lifestyle choices that have hindered even his development at times. December Deydey truly represents those who have been looking for a way to project their voices or those who are just simply trying to find it. Find out more and why you yourself should seek more, look out for the kid from The Bronx.

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