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I am Cowboy-Lone, I come from Denmark. I am a Songwriter and a Traditional/Classic Country singer I live 15 years in the U.S. A. I most of all, I enjoy Performing for people. I love to see the smiles on the faces, and hear the applause when they like my music. I begin to sing in 1997 on my horse Rico. I have a dream where I set on a horse and sing, and I start to do it. I have performing in Sweden / Germany / Norway / Denmark. Now when I come to U.S.A. I have sing in Wild Horse Saloon, Nashville. /Nashville Palace. TN/Tonight Theater. Pigeon Forge TN / Orange Blossom Opry. FL. Hot Spot. Huntsville, Al. / VFW Decatur. Al./ Fraternal Order Of Eagles. Decatur, Al. Mexican Restaurant Mi Oaxaca. Huntsville. Al. For 1 year every Friday. and now in Cost2Cost. My song I sing, is some of my own / Other Songwriter's/ and Old Country. I have 36 award. 2 of them are World wide. Here is my home page: I like to travel. I have my own equipment. Here is some complements. This is from Clara Andrews. Your score is awesome!!! Starr and I were talking about your performance all day!! You were so awesome! You really won everyone over! It was so beautiful seeing everyone come together because of your music! So many people in the crowd thought you were awesome! (Because you ARE awesome!) The judges loved you! I'm sure there were some people in the crowd that had never listened to country music before, but you made fans out of them, just by your talent and personality. It was one of the best nights of my life! I told Starr: after the concert, it wasn't a room full of black people and white people. It was a room full of just *people* coming together over music. =) It was really beautiful. ?? ?? ----------------------------------------------------------- From your friends in Canada. Violet Campbell.. Campbell Productions and Promotions Pastor Reg Benoit.... The Man of Many Voices. Hi Lone, Just dropped by to say hello to you my friend. Looks like you are still doing well and continue to sing. Nice to her that. ------------------------------------------------- Steven Cooper. THE SONGWRITERS STUDIO.TN. Cowboy Lone is GREAT! Fun "real" music with a traditional country flavor . You'll be tappin' your feet, cryin' in your beer or just cryin'....she covers it all. Denmark makes it's "mark" on country music with her. Listen and enjoy! -------------------------------------------------Filip DENMARK Hi Honey... Congratulations Wint her your new website. So Nice to actually see you while you sing your wonderful songs. "It's so sad to be alone" ? But I don't have to now - I can turn on Youtube and let you make me "Crazy" Love you and see you on Facebook. -------------------------------------------------- Thank you for take your time to read it, hope you like it, and will go into my home page and listen to my music. If you like it, you can contact me any times. Smile to the people and they will smile back. God Bless You. I've won the following 23 awards. Best of Texas LLSCMA International Country Music Hall of Fame 2005 You can read the other on my home page. My song I'M BURNING ALL THE MEMORIES was number 1 in 2 Calgary, one for country and one for all songs together, in ENGLAND for 3 weeks My song Walking and Talking on Charts position » highest in charts: # 1 (67,526 songs currently listed in Country) » highest in sub-genre: # 1 (6,366 songs currently listed in Country > Traditional Country) My Cd are playing in AUSTRIA/GERMANY/DENMARK/SWEDEN/ NORWAY/ U.S.A ENGLAND/HOLLAND/NEW ZELAND/IRELAND/JAPAN/RUSLAND/POLEN/ AUSTRALIA/
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Orange Blossom Opry. Fl.
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The Last Farewell
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A Real Cowboy
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Walkin And Talking

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