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Brandon Boyd- Originated in Houston TX before the age of one he moved to Atlanta and a few years later he moved back to Houston TX , he grew up on the north side of Houston in the neighborhood better known as Acres Homes or (44) Brandon Boyd has been an artist and music lover since childhood through out the years he has grown into a hip-hop entertainer with a mind of his own.Brandon Boyd is a single artist who pays respect to a local groups and artist such as Texas Twin T,triple a, Jayy Skyy,K.B.,DiiVA, DQ (The Green Eyed King), LiL Watts'''''''''''''''' the SWISHA HOUSE,S.U.C, RAP-A-LOT AND A.B.N for helping inspire and maintain productivity. Brandon Boyd plans to release his 1st MIX-TAPE to the streets of Houston, any time between now and the end of the summer. some songs have been mix down for quality purposes and some are not touched at all but with this mix-tape you will get to hear him grow over the years and where he is today. so Please enjoy!

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