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For the talented rapper BadS33DTae, music was a calling for him that he was ignoring until only five years ago. Tae has always loved music, always making new melodies and songs basically all his life for everyday situations but just for fun. His favorite place to make new songs was in the shower randomly thinking about his everyday life encounters. “My music can be inspired by literally anything” says Tae. If you listen to Tae’s music you understand what he means he gives you music that is really unpredictable but relatable to him and people like him. Whether you know him or not you can appreciate the authenticity of his music topics which make him standout as a writer. He says he made choruses very catchy but never wrote them down so it later inspired him to start taking writing music more seriously. You can never under estimate the power of an artist when they are dedicated to making music at their fullest potential but for BadS33dTae he takes his craft very seriously, judging by his songs he is grinding for a way out. For him and his family, usually artist like making music because they are in the moment of it or they just want to prove a point on a beat but for BadS33DTae it’s more than just a point it’s a race and a marathon to the top, and it doesn’t seem like he’s coming down any time soon.
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