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Since the beginning of his journey in 2010, b.A.m.A. has consistently matured more and more. He has been able to amass an impressive resume for an independent MC from the little known region of Western New York called Chautauqua County. b.A.m.A. has done extensive travelling all along the East Coast in order to do shows and promotional events, both with the group 7:30 Boys, as well as a solo MC. He has performed in major cities such as New York, Miami, and Atlanta and has also done multiple shows in his hometown and surrounding area. In late 2012 b.A.m.A.’s focus became steered towards venturing into new markets. He has relocated multiple times within the past two years and has established promising connections in the New York City area. The biggest highlight of 2013 for the young artist was opening up for Cyhi the Prynce at the Coast 2 Coast mixtapes event at Church in Boston. Other noticeable performances in 2013 include opening for Cassidy in Buffalo, NY, with the 7:30 Boys, and performing before Crooked I at Webster Hall in New York City. With the success also comes moments of peril and inevitable shortfalls. Although he was making progress in his career, b.A.m.A. experienced periods of homelessness in both Boston and New York city for weeks at a time. These experiences are credited with motivating the artist to refocus on his passion for music, as well as refine and diversify his sound. b.A.m.A. has persevered the turmoil and channeled it into a new movement for the streets; 730 boi. Paired with House of Notes Studios, 730 Boi is planning on putting renewed energy into the 7:30 Boys fan base, as well as focusing heavily on new artist development by associating with acts such as Stolen Chevy. From the co-signing by Atlantic Records A & R “Success” under the Print Label with the 7:30 Boys (2011), through being an opening act before Mr. Cheeks at Club Pyramid in New York City (2013), b.A.m.A. has assisted the WNY-WPA region heavily with not only the promotion of himself and 7:30 Boys, but also through the repeated commitment to developing the local hip hop scene in the area for all artists. With an extended resume of performances (opening for Machine Gun Kelly, Taking 2nd in Coast 2 Coast competition in Jacksonville to open up for 2 Chainz etc.) as well as a lyrically captivating style of story telling, the time to shine is now, and the clock hands look stuck at 730 boi.

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