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Anthony Real born and raised in Amsterdam is the definition of what you call an all-round entertainer. Anthony Real wasn't always known under this name in music. He began in the early '90 with playing in a Surinam "Kaseko" band and later on discovered his skills as an lyrical grandmaster better known as Anno_MC in the Dutch Hip-Hop. Never limited himself to just the Hip-Hop genre because he always had mad love for the Dancehall and Reggae genre also. With his international featuring on 'Fat Pum Pum' with Craigy-T from the legendary Dancehall group T.O.K., he showed his skills in the Dutch language but with this he also proved that he had more to show to the world then just the limited Dutch Hip-Hop genre. In 2015 Anthony Real decided to switch it up; he stopped making only Dutch Hip-Hop music and added the Dancehall/Reggae genre to his repertoir. He also said goodbye to his artist name he was best known with. New genre, new name, new chance to show the world what he is capable of. Anthony Real has multiple dimensions, he is a lyrical grandmaster, all-round skilled and brings you the best of both worlds. He can't be labeled with just one thing. He is an Crossover Artist from (Dutch) Hip-Hop to Dancehall and Reggae... He is on a roll blazing fire so try keeping up with Anthony Real di General of (Dutch) Hip-Hop and Dancehall....
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