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The two first cousins, Lytez and Stokz Mason, together form the rap group A Grade. The rap duo have been rapping since the age of 14. Lytez who (at the time) was mainly into sports with Stokz who is all about the music, Stokz pushed him because he believed in his craft. From 2006 to 2011, Stokz and Lytez were in a group called GK (also known as God‘s Kingdom). During that time GK would do shows and put out singles etc... but in 2011 things came to a stand still so Stokz went on his own search to find himself in music. The duo rejoined and dropped their first project “Tree or Bottle” on April 20, 2017. Their song ‘Bossin’ won them first place with Coast to Coast Live in Salt Lake City, Utah in August 2017. A Grade will be competing for $50k in the Coast to Coast live competition being held in Miami, Florida in August 2018. AGrade will be releasing there self titled mixtape “Tree or bottle 2” in 2018.

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