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Virginia Beach based Rapper and Singer AdynastyO Von is a man of many worlds, a Do-it-Yourself Artist in his own right and an indie success story in the making. His debut album "Phxck Gxxd" is an irresistible combination of Hip Hop and R&B with sensual arrangement and intimate, introspective lyrics reflecting the thoughts and lustful desires of a young black man alone in the world. PHXCK GXXD Chronicles the rise and fall of a relationship that's built on sex, lies, and infidelity. We're all just looking for a Gxxd Phxck but along the way we fall victim to many traps, one being the illusions of the heart. They say that all is fair in the game of love, but how fair is all when hearts are involved? I'm going on tour ~Phxck Pxrty 2021~ For booking, features, and Sync placements opportunities please contact Manager A. L Vaughan @ 757-763-0386

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