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9to5hustle is a California native Group That has been doing hip hop music for the past five years. Like most underground artists, there inspiration came from the older generation of hip hop music. Just to name a few, Tupac, Nas, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Big L. 9to5hustle has done multiple shows, several interviews and has participated in several rap battles. They have been featured in two urban network magazines. One GEI magazine and has two number one hits on 1580 The Radio Show and three on the liquor cabinet radio show Releasing four hot mix tapes "Hood politicianz present Town City" and "LA Timez Front page news TrayKapone City of Angels Open for business Hosted By Dame Grease" a hip hop icon. We are more than confident to say there upcoming project, " overtime will be nothing but success. 9to5hustle has been signed Remix/Sony Records for three years. In 2010 they were released out of contract and picked up by Dogz4Liife/Ruff Ryders universal music group dropping over ten videos and they have a highly anticipated mixtape. We are proudly to say that 9to5hustle has a promising future in the world of entertainment.
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