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Demon Smith, aka 3re2uce, was born and raised in the heart of Dallas Texas November 3, 1985 to a Trap Queen Pin by the name of Celia Smith aka Sandy and to a Young pimp by the name of Sebastian Armstrong aka S.B. Since birth, 3re2uce was born into a life style that would change his life for every. While growing up, Demon spent most his life being raised by the woman he calls his back bone, Mattie Smith aka Granny. She took him in while his parents ran the streets of South Dallas selling drugs and pimping. Trough the course of his child hood, Demon witness how the streets can eat you alive and learned how to survive. He lost many friends to the streets and seen how crack took lives yet help his family survive. Since his daddy wasn''''''''''''''''t around and his mother left him at is Granny house, Demon begin trying to search for attention in the streets. He got involved with gang related activities and earned the street name "Money Mon" due to his ability to make cash. He later found out he had the ability to seduce women and get them to buy him things. Although his Og''''''''''''''''s wasn''''''''''''''''t around much, they always thought him to put God first and to look out for the man in the mirror. Since Demons mom was a big time Drug Dealer, they had to move around a lot. From shelter to projects, hood to hood until he ended up in the suburbs of Rowlett TX. Since Rowlett was majority white, the culture was different and new to Demon. He later got involved in sports and developed a relentless reputation in football becoming one of the most feared running backs in GISD. This is where Demon Smith got his name 3re2uce from his football jersey.Playing football put Demon in the spotlight and gave his parents hope to leave the streets. Since football players had to have their grades up to play, Demon became a great student in school. He developed a passion for writing and music. Although 3re2uce had this spotlight, football didn''''''''''''''''t pay the bills. With the Trap game ups and downs with the drought, pressure from home pushed the young athlete to work. His mother later showed him how to cook up dope. In his Senior year at Rowlett, 3re2uce started getting more attention in his spotlight. He had many women and plenty money from selling Drugs.In the mix of the hype, Demon later had two kids by two women and suffered a leg injury that cost him to lose any Dreams to making it to the NFL. This created a lot of stress which lead him back to the Streets with his mother and began working the Trap full-time. This Lavish Life 3re2uce developed with his mother lasted sometime until the Feds got involved. One day after 3re2uce finished a shift at the Trap, it was later kicked in by Dallas S.W.A.T.T. Shots was fired and his mom was arrested. His fast life slowed down. He later hooked up with an buddy from high school who had strong music reputation by the name of Adonis Coleman aka @C and began Rapping just to ease his mind. 3re2uce is now writing and recording events that took place during his Lavish life and wants to share his story with the world.
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