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Hip hop and rap music is one such genre that portrays reality and culture especially that is youth oriented and in trend. There was a time it was used as a voice of the Black people residing in the United States. They used it as a weapon to deliver stories about their hardships and sufferings and many more. Hip hop was started by these people as a street style performing art that has steadily inspired more people from different race and cultural origins. Today hip hop and rap music has proudly become the genre for masses. The charm and the authenticity have yet till sustained and even today the music is used to narrate real stories. One artist on SoundCloud who can truly be regarded as a representative of hip hop music is Brandon DeSean Sanders popular with his stage name Spitta. This artist has bagged huge appreciation from all over the globe.  American rapper Spitta has never stopped composing music even when luck didn’t favor him. It has been more than a decade that Spitta has been amazing fans with his creative rap tracks and mixtapes. “Liv n The Lab”, “Money is Motivation vol 1” and The Best of Spitta are some of his mixtapes that attained huge appreciation from global fans. Spitta even had some low time where he was unsigned yet his passion for music making never kept growing with time. Recently he is all set with his new label Grand Gang Management which he expects to occupy a rock solid space in the industry.  Spitta’s strong points is his extraordinary voice quality that is perfect for rapping and singing, His tracks like “Love Me”, “Paul Pierce”, Everything and others proves his unparallel talents. Spitta’s music peaces covers range of themes and styles from pure street style to glitzy party music. Keep enjoying his tracks on SoundCloud.
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