Performance Results for LND GR8R
Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Philly Edition 2/22/17

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  1. Music is different and TOO tough!!!
  2. Lnd
  3. Definitely would be a performance you don't want to miss. Vote for LND!!
  4. Flame??????
  5. Ayeee
  6. amazing performance, these young man are going places. keep it up, never give up.
  7. Fire
  8. Great job
  9. Decent
  10. Hot
  11. These guys are the future. Combination of old school attitude for the new school
  12. These boys next up
  13. Sign them
  14. Hottest out right now !
  15. Great energy !
  16. I just seen them at New York I love the dedication and they gotten even better than the last performance they deserve 1st place hands down
  17. They had hella energy
  18. ??
  19. ????????
  20. Great shit
  21. The new generation aint ready for you guys. Keep it pushing.
  22. These young guys have high energy and great performance presents. They know how to get the audience involved.
  23. Great job
  24. Great job
  25. They lit
  26. Dope
  27. Great energy and bars was popping
  28. Great performance
  29. ??????
  30. Great job