Performance Results for Sis Spade
Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Los Angeles Edition 11/11/18

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Audience Feedback

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  1. Next round the best whop whop
  2. Next round the shit
  3. Dope
  4. Great singer
  5. Great performance. Loved it!
  6. Lots of stage presence and room participation. Great potential.
  7. Great vocals. Awesome range.
  8. She was amazing
  9. Perfect
  10. Awesome
  11. Beautiful singer
  12. Awesome Performance. Loved your vibe
  13. Busssssttttt itttttr
  14. Send to next level AMAZING !!!
  15. Dope music
  16. Yoooo!!!!! She killed it.! And worked the crowd like a superstar.!
  17. My Vote
  18. Awesome
  19. Great stage personality and crowd command and originality
  20. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The best performer of the night
  21. Amazing performance. Engaged the audience and vocals on point!

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