Performance Results for ScoobyRite
Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Phoenix All Ages Edition 7/16/18

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  1. honestly wasn’t here for him but he was the most lit
  2. das gang
  3. Great music!
  4. C. D
  5. The hottest in the game today
  6. Sooo much energy, the kid killed it.
  7. scoooby
  8. He was badass. Owned that stage
  9. The besssst. Too liveeee
  10. He go hardddd
  11. great performer
  12. Scooby right
  13. energy was by far the best. moved around the stage unlike most of the performers. good flow and sound
  14. The best!!!!!!!
  15. Yeessss
  16. LIT
  17. YERRRRRR best performance
  18. Best artist