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“SKETCH” is a Hip Hop artist. The west coast native was born and raised in southern California, residing mostly in the city of Escondido. While growing up Sketch was exposed to many styles of music from smooth jazz and oldies to the ever-changing rock and hip hop genres. Taking up poetry as a personal hobby in his early teenage years, Sketch began to play with words his sophomore year in high school along with his steadily increasing love for drawing and other art, thus coining the nickname “Sketch/Sketchthekid early freshman year in college. During his late high school and early college years, he took up freestyling over instrumentals, this hobby soon developed into much more musically. With the music constantly calling him he put together a makeshift studio at home and began recording. It was at this time he also combined his hobby of poetry with music and imagination, self-releasing a string of mixtapes entitled “Blank Canvas”. His latest project is available online With a passion for art and a desire to hear more music that is focused and geared towards “solid, real, and homage paying hip-hop”, Sketch is determined to make music that’s remembered through time like the true classics. F.A.M.O.E (Food Art Music Outreaching Everyone)

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