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Kris Minor a 22 year old Dallas native grew up fascinated with music enthralled in the way sounds and vocals came together. He started working on music production in high school meeting Dalton Smith and Miles Franklin of Self Conscious Music in its early stages. While working on his production he also stepped into the world of rapping taking inspirations from Kanye West, Timbaland, and Jay-Z blending dark gritty production with real life situations. As time moved on his music improved with a steady release of songs but no cohesive project to date. Feeling pressured by fellow producer Super Miles to make a body of music, Krisaveli was born under the watchful eye of Self Conscious Music owner Dalton Smith. Although dark in tone the project boasts many different feels telling the many different stories of the past 5 years encompassing a full audio landscape. Even the release date has a meaning June 29th is also the birthday of his deceased younger brother Anthony Moses Minor who kris feels lives within his music. So already after a successful single placement on Chaz French’s “Came Down” garnering attention Kris Minor is ready to step up to the plate and show his brutally honest music come June 29th.
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