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¥ Don “Yote Blaze” Petit-Homme and Carlos “L.O.S.” Meleciano are the members of the Miami, hip-hop group – ¥ote Gang. Yote Blaze, founder of ¥ote Gang, along with L.O.S. have been rapping since they could walk, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when DJs across the nation describe their music as “the slap in yo’ face” type rhymes. Download and stream Rebellion, their first mixtape/album, as well as Tribe Life, and the more recent mixtape/album, Still In Miami, on all streaming channels. Check out their social media on Yote Blaze, of Haitian decent, born in Houston, Texas, raised in Miami, Florida who’s influence have been Jay-Z; Kanye West; T.I.; Kid Cuddi; Spacejam Jaye; and Kendrick Lamar has been around hip-hip for as long as he can remember. His biggest influence being his older brother, whom he’d admire when battling against local Miami rapper, Philo B. That admiration eventually lead to motivation when he joins his older brother’s rap group called L.F.H. (Long Fang Hounds). In his sophomore year in high school, he got inspired to form his own group in 2011 that would later become…. ¥ote Gang. That same year, Yote Blaze recruits his “lil’ nig**a” L.O.S. L.O.S., of Dominican decent, born in Miami, Florida, where his biggest influence in hip hop have been Q-Tip, Kendrick Lamar and more recent, Pro Era, which is heard in his style and rhymes, but easily, with almost no effort, makes it his own. ¥ote Gang has been heard and featured on hip-hip, Internet stations such as New York’s Live365 hosted by DB Monster; and Miami’s ¥ote Gang’s track Drug Lords has been featured on #MakinMoves Mixtape Vol. 217 sponsored by Coast2Coast. ¥ote Gang’s first hit single was Sippin N Tippin. For more ¥ote Gang, visit
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