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In 1994, Jabril Shareef was born in Coral Springs, Florida. He grew up there until moving with his parents and younger sister to Saudi Arabia at the age of 8. His first experiments with rap and hip-hop came in the form of friendly battles with friends he made in Saudi Arabia when he was 13. Since then, Jabril had gone through numerous stage names before finally settling on his current one; SplytSecond. SplytSecond has become well known in underground communities for his quickly delivered flow that is complimented by underlying displays of poetic mastery. Showing up on most "Fastest Rappers" lists, SplytSecond favors a complex rhythmic style with frequent bursts of speed reaching up to 15 syllables per second. His lyrics consist typically of bravado, world issues, and emotional vents while utilizing poetic devices, clever metaphors and meticulous wordplay backed by an extensive vocabulary. SplytSecond is a founding member and vocalist for the rap collective known as the SythLordz.

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