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SODA BOY Now days it’s difficult for a premier artist, not to mention an up and coming Hip Hop artist. In today’s entertainment error where an act has to be new, different and/or fresh an artist has to be creative. You have to have perseverance, a passion for your craft, drive and most important great music. You have to be born for the spotlight made for the business and appealing to an audience to become a successful artist, let alone a prosperous businessman. You have to have the swagger, the look, lyrics and play the part of a rapper breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have to eat, sleep and you all know the rest of this here rap game. And that’s exactly what the Midwest raised Minnesota bred “SodaBoy” brings to the Hip Hop world. The self proclaimed ‘Midwest Mayor’ is just what the industry and listeners wanted, needed and asked for. A breath of fresh air. That new new to be exact. New city, new state, new style, new vibe, new market, and a fresh face. With his Midwest player attitude and a chromatic flow on the club smash NOW OR NEVER compliments their whole creed of living. Or the smooth East Coast lyrical content and catchy hooks on songs like ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''DROP IT DROP IT''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''. Not to mention the straight to the point punch lines and hidden metaphors wrapped with a down south swagger on songs like''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''HE SAY SHE SAY'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' and''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''TRAP IT OUT Add some west coast slang to a delivery that compliments every track, With a stage presence giving off energy that your local power company can’t supply. This ‘Minnesota Viking’ is the perfect package to be today’s rap star. The women love him and the men respect him. SODABOYMUSIC.COM For booking and more info:
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