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LashawnSmith (born August 30, 1983) is an American-born multi-talented hip-hop artist known as Tripsup. Because he lived between Hartford, CT and Tallahassee, FL throughout his life, he has developed a style that combines the east coast swagger with the dirty south flow. Not just your average rapper, Trip mastered both styles so well that he can give you either as if you are hearing different people. What makes him a triple threat is his unique lyrical presence and ability to change up his sound on every track. Featuring production from hit maker Dominic "Domwan" Durham (Joe Budden, MosDef) and production genius Kilo Kidd. Having been compared to such artists as Outkast, Ludacris, and BustaRhymes the bar has been set high for Trip, and he is more than ready to meet the challenge.

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