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Atlanta’s 24-year-old, hip-hop artist Kidd Insight, rhymes circus act chaos over fierce production that would make any martian question the power of his ray gun. On April 6th, this dichotomous mindset rapper debuted his second project, titled “The Average Misfit EP”. Fans and critics can expect a kick to the cerebral cortex with his aggressive delivery and lyricism that oozes with humorous articulation and odd vulgarness. Kidd Insight hides nothing from the public’s ears, openly venting every thought and emotion with his multi-personality voice. Ultimately, Kidd Insight strives to be a positive example for those who struggled in finding themselves; for those who felt incapable of fitting in with society; and for the those who dare to dream. Kidd Insight’s message is simple: Fuq Fitting In. After all, “..the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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