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What do you get when you have the passion of 2Pac, the charisma of Biggie Smalls, the confidence and hustle of a young Jay Z, and the lyrical ability comparable to Nas? ... Yung Neen thats what you get! Born in Brooklyn NY , grew into a young man in Queens, but utimately migrated to Virginia and thats were he became a man and bossedUP. Yung Neen real name Taron Brown once had a one tracked mind that only thought of trapping to make money but after 2 posession with intent to distribut charges, about 10 grand in lawyer fees and some more change towards fines his one tracked mind was forced to think bigger and better. After leaving court with the same lawyer bringing back the same charge only one thing stuck in his head, and it was the voice of his attorney telling him "Mr.brown if you get into any trouble or bring these same charges back I can guarantee you that your going to jail next time" . Keeping that in mind Yung Neen made a promise to himself that he'd make more out of himself rather than just be another convict or statistic. Rap has always been a outlet for Yung Neen to vent about his personal life but now a days he's using rap as an escape route from from the illegal life. With his new company RAPorTRAPusa, a new Mixtape/album on the way tiltled RAPorTRAP II, along with a webisode/movie titled RAPorTRAP "series" , Yung Neen is proven that he's more serious than ever before about actually making a change in his life and others around him. RAPorTRAP may just be a title or slogan to you but to Yung Neen its actually a question that he had to manUP to and take heed to! When talking to Yung Neen this is what he had to say " They Rapping or Trapping all across the globe , but i'll start with America first , try to make some changes here so me and mine aint got to do that no more! and when that mission is complete ... then i can focus on taking over the world! " RAPorTRAP1.5 available now for download (click the "store" option) Be sure to stay plugged with Yung Neen thru social media Stay tuned for RAPorTRAP II , and the RAPorTRAP "series" #RAPorTRAPusa

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