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25 Year old P.G. County, Maryland (DMV) Rapper/Musician/Songwriter NahNah Corde' is making some serious noise in the female artist division coming out the streets of the district. Not the ordinary female rapper; yet the dominant woman's story is very intriguing for she is a female activist and lesbian leading the LGBT community. After dropping her debut single "NIGHT LYFE" FT DODD, which would be later A&R'd by Royal Fr3sh Records, an independent label under Royal Republic LLC which is based out of California. NahNah is ready to take it coast to coast (DC 2 CA) and bring the essence of hip-hop back with her strong delivery, old skool / hardcore style, and articulate/poetic flow! NahNah started her career in 2005 when she linked up with childhood best friend and teammate; female underground artist Shawn Hall.Together they were "Cruel Intentionz", in which they would later become a trio in 2008. With no managment, financial support, finished EP, nor a steady home for engineering / production, the trio were lyrically progressing but the progress was stagnant. In 2010, the multi-talented Corde' decided to tap into her passion for percussion instruments, and joined an all female Go-Go band called "Necessary Kaos". NahNah started as the Congo player, performing with the band at local night clubs for exposer, but she later became the drummer at what appeared to be the start of her music career. The Band went on to perform a number of shows at different venues for numerous events. Including shows in other areas outside of Maryland and DC i.e Philadelphia, where Necessary Kaos performed at a night club for the Gay Pride event weekend. Even with reaching the levels of local celebrities, paid gigs, and daily internet progression, NahNah wanted more out the music and moreover, the independent creativity so she left the band towards the end of 2011. She moved down south to Augusta, GA to persue her love for rapping and songwriting, where NahNah linked back up with Cruel Intention'z, Shawn Hall. They both returned to the studio as solo artist in 2012. After two and a half years of prep work, conditioning, perfecting the craft, and grinding, NahNah was ready to began working on her first mixtape titled "Split Realities". She started up a team and campaign called The KingzOfQueenz; the meaning behind it is derived from their dominant lesbian lifestyle. NahNah also referrs to herself as the female KING! Implying her lyrical ability and positioning in the underground yet upcoming reign of female artist out the DMV! This time managed by another childhood best friend and business partner, LaVon Lucas. Between the both of them, they have a host of production as far as studio/video engineers, web / graphic designers, club owners, etc. Through hard work, dedication, consistency, and financial stability, LaVon and NahNah were able to stir up enough buzz about the movement to get the attention of Royal Fr3sh Records, lakeisha Black, who recently signed NahNah Corde. So get ready to hear and see more from this beautiful, black,intelligent, talented woman; she goin to take the game by surprise!

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