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Rapper/Songwriter/Drummer/Producer Tia P. is an extraordinary artist. Never one to settle for less or take the easy road, Tia P. has taken on the challenge to be the Voice of the New Generation. With a petite frame and just 5 feet tall, she possesses a huge presence and commands immediate attention when performing. Her soulful gritty voice delivers funky rhythms and well-thought out lyrics while conveying a compelling story. Tia P. demonstrates a musical maturity well beyond her twenty-two years of age. Tia P. is an artist with major crossover appeal: My goal is to "Change the Game" back to what it used to be and create original music and write lyrics that people can relate to. Her desire is to tap a wide array of fans so she can speak to their souls and inspire them to follow their dreams. She definitely has the content to fulfill the aforementioned: to date, she has written over 1,500 + songs.
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