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The harsh streets of Harlem NY could not stifle the passion that Oshyn had for his music. At the young age of 15, Oshyn turned life in the streets into a song. He began to tell his story through rap. Stardom seemed inevitable, then life happened. Unfortunately he fell into a life of crime. The greatest part about this life of crime is as he sat in jail doing his time; he realized his arrest was a rescue. He began to use his time to be more creative. and this was a new beginning for him. Oshyn has exploded back into the music scene bringing his unique style of music and rap; through hit titles such as Will it stop, Drinkers Anthem, Can't break my hustle and I'm here.. Oshyn brings back hope and determination where hopelessness took over. Through his versatility and skills; he brings a new flavor to Rap, Hip Hop and R&B and what it is to be a true hustler. He just doesn't write lyrics that penetrate; he lives them. Oshyn is a single father of 6. He is a friend and a mentor willing to give selflessly, not just through his music. Nothing but the best will do for his fans!! This is what keeps Oshyn in the studio striving for perfection. In the studio starts the beginning, from the soul to the world. He talked about his life as a hustler, vocalizing the streets, the weak, the meak and the victims. Using words; redirecting the life of a dead man. Oshyns Free promotional Debut Album "The Devils Reject" is now out and available for download on soundcloud. The Devils Reject music is the meaning, understanding and definition of a true artist. Not only does each song represent a hustlers life; each one of his songs is an experience from the street. From hell to heaven, mental death to physical life; feeling like he lived and died with time on his side. Suicide no longer being an option, it also breaks down the true form of a hustler which is to be versatile. Each song represents life. Oshyn is already working on his official Album "Oshyns 11" which promises to be off the charts.. Oshyn has recently released a single " Lunchtime" which is the introduction to the label " Lunchbox Muzic/Records". Lunchtime is currently being played on: WFXE / COLUMBUS Foxie 105 WIIZ / AUGUSTA 97.9 The Wiz FM WRVZ / CHARLESTON 98.7 The Beat FM WRSV / GREENVILLE Soul 92 jams FM WCCG / FAYETTEVILLE 104.5 FM WEUP / HUNTSVILLE 103.1 FM The single Lunchtime is also available on ITunes, amazon, Cd baby and more.

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