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Brandon Patrick Anderson, who goes by the moniker, "B Anderson", was born in Paramount, California on March 20th, 1992. After moving to the southside Arlington, Texas at the age of 3, he excelled in school and had a knack for writing and telling stories. Growing up, he was never the biggest fan of music, until the first time he heard "Through the Wire" by Kanye West. "I can remember begging my mom to buy me College Dropout weeks before it even dropped...that's when hip hop became chisled in my head like heavy". Soon he became intrigued heavily with music from rappers like Nas to Cash Money, and during his high school years, he befriended the members of what eventually became Self Conscious Music. Founder, Dalton Smith, knew it would only be a matter of time before Anderson joined the ranks. With his first tape, Anderson wanted to tell his story without having to give any gimmick or fiction. Now, he's accomplished the feat.
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