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When William Johnson’s parents gave him a beat machine at the age of five, he stayed up for hours experimenting with rhythms and melodies. Eighteen years later, the Prince George, VA native is better known to the DMV as Tre Live and is still going strong in the business of creating innovative hip hop both as a producer and emcee. The duality of the boy from the country now doing his thing in the most powerful city in the World is captured in Tre Live’s music where classic jams meet new school and sophisticated messaging meets raw celebration. Tre Live’s debut mixtape “Very Much Alive” has found its way into the rotations of both those wanting to escape monotonous rap lyrics about self-interest and those who want to celebrate via popping bottles in the club. Whatever it is that you look to music to celebrate, you are invited to party with the up-and-coming Tre Live who challenges listeners to chase their dreams and live it up along the way.

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