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Just when you thought music had lost its originality…that every rapper and band were beginning to sound the same…that artists have forgotten how to be performers and cast you under their spell with their undeniable talent, a new era of music has surfaced that will not only leave you spellbound and awestruck, but grateful that true artists still do exist and get that they have a responsibility to create and show others how to live life to its fullest. M16 & The Full Moon Wolves is a phenomenon that believes in and promotes whole-heartedly the expression of one’s own identity and personality. M16 & The Full Moon Wolves convenes from different walks of life. The band emits a blended feel of Linkin Park, Limp Bisket, and Kid Rock, while the vocal delivery is an uncanny yet pleasant mixture of DMX, Mystical, Ja Rule, Lenny Kravitz and Busta Rhymes, all combining to create the ever-present kinetic energy of the Black Eye Peas. This formula brings about a funky, grooving, Hip-Hop sound with a rock infusion. Who are M16 & The Full Moon Wolves? Metaphorically, a full moon wolf is a werewolf. The wolf transforms into this mystical yet powerful creature and takes over the environment it’s in, changing it forever. This is exactly what you can expect while witnessing this band’s performance. They draw you in, free your mind, and expose you to life’s many prolific revelation. M16 (Matthew Grady), the live-wire Lead Vocalist/ Rapper/Singer/Song Writer who was given his stage name because of his rapid-fire rap delivery and over-the-top energy. His stage name also represents the first initial in his name and the age at which he began seriously developing as an artist, honing and crafting his musical style as well as writing skills. M16 was reared in a musical family (his father: Butch Grady, former Lead Guitarist for the Legendary Staple Singers) and was classically trained on the piano and playing concerts by age 12. M16 & The Full Moon Wolves have created an EP project titled “The Rebellion” (Spelled backwards). The fans range in age from 10 to 58 years old. The music is clean, free of derogatory and offensive language and delivers a true message of life to the listeners. In a world where negativity is promoted on an on-going basis, it is necessary and refreshing that positivity, encouragement, and enlightenment are finally being used to ignite the soul within, all via that fabulous universal language we all know and love…music! “Reality is a dream desired and pursued.” Welcome to The Rebellion.

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