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I was Born in Dade county, Fl and raised in south Hillsborough county, Fl. I moved around a lot as a kid, for short periods of time I stayed in Tyler and Dallas, TX and also Columbus, OH. I circulated schools and neighborhoods every few months due to my mother's legal trouble . I Somehow always found myself back in Ruskin, Fl, which is south Hillsborough county. I found an opportunity to live in San Diego, CA when I was sixteen to watch after my sister and her kids while her husband deployed to Iraq for the initial invasion back in 2003. I chose to stay in California because had I returned to my life in Florida, I would have probably fell victim to drug dealing or use, gang banging or worse. I Graduated School and joined the Marine Corps in 2005 and served eight honorable years. Growing up I had always been trying to express myself through music, writing or comical acts. It was an easy way for me to deal with the up and down situations in my life. Shortly after arriving in CA as a teenager, I met music artist KIllah from Killah Muzik Ent. Since then, we began recording together and have been doing so every opportunity we get. I spent time away from recording for several years due to duty stations, training and deployments. Although i wasn't recording, I did not give up writing, once again it became a mental outlet for my life in the Marine Corps. I returned to CA in 2009, immediately made liaison with Killah and began recording once again. Since then I have been continuing to write and record music, while also having an opportunity to perform live in different venues in southern CA. Currently I am a recording artist for Killah Muzik Ent, our music can be found at I will continue to try and improve my lyrics and style and give you the music you want to hear. Thank you for taking the time to read my short bio.

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