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Born Webster Maurice Thompson on March 17 in Seneca, South Carolina...the Oconee County native has 27 years of rapping/songwriting expierience & 14 years of production expierience. Working with unsigned & major acts throughout the South & across the country, Hillbilly Moe has more material than many major acts but only lacked at recorded material, videos & shows but would make up for it by leaving those close to or around him with an unforgettable 16 bars no matter where he goes. In his high school days at Seneca High School in Seneca, South Carolina, he would often attract large crowds due to rapping in the hallways, city & county events in & out of state & was the "go to" guy in his hometown when other acts came through from other areas or out of state looking to battle, promote, collaborate or just explore hip hop in undiscovered areas. Hillbilly Moe also enjoys production in which he produces about three-fourths of the time he invests in his writing/recording but he can write a song within 30 minutes to an hour, timing is a natural for Hillbilly Moe who tends to be a perfectionist who doesn't take forever when it comes to music. "Delivery can make you or break you" says Hillbilly Moe. Music has pretty much boiled down to "if your lyrics are tight or you're talking about something everyone wants to long as the beat is tight...people only care about HOW you say certain things." I appreciate anyone with a desire for music or a story to tell!
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