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Bring in the solo cups, handles and cases. Sit down, open your ears, and take a listen to That Dude Truth attacking the microphone! Truth is an artist hailing from Berks County (Reading PA) Pennsylvania. The owner and CEO of Living The Dream Productions/Living The Dream Music Group is the Brand for the New generation of HipHop. Roots in music that go back to his father being a DJ, Brother a Drummer for mutiple rock and metal bands, and his uncle who is also a drummer. Left Truth surrounded by music at a young age. A love for HipHop and Rap music as Truth got older lead to the path he is on today. Attending East Stroudsburg University after high school Truth found and embraced the art form he knew was destined to be chosen. Building a solid following and working with many up and coming as well as established artist after mutiple battles and singles released (3 that broke radio ciruclation) has led truth to the biggest stage of his career thus far. Content in songs that the college bros can put on at a party and watch girls shake their ass to, yet at the same time true boom bap hiphop, with BARS! that any hiphop head would enjoy and respect! LTDMG is the label and Truth is set to begin making major releases in summer 2013, leading up to his debut release and return "OMNISCIENT" Set to drop summer of 2013, with tracks featuring such artist as CHILL MODDY, KING MAGNETIC, D-ReX, U-NiK StYleZ and many more! Keep You eyes peeled and ears open for whats happneing with Truth! This is one artist you do now want to miss out on watchng rise to the Top!.
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