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A self-proclaimed “nerd” and “choir geek”, ENSO SINATRA began writing music at the age of 12. In high school, the Kansas City, KS native became known for both his rapping and beat-making skills. The latter wasn’t intentional, but since his parents wouldn’t allow him to go to a recording studio, he decided to learn how to create beats on his own. After high school, ENSO joined the Air Force and was stationed in Louisiana, where he continued to hone all of his crafts. He began making connections by performing at Open Mics and in a local Cypher, which let him to unite with fellow artists in the area to create a rap collective called TRT (The Round Table). Shortly thereafter, he connected with a music manager, and became affiliated with Knight Music Group (KMG). The multi-talented ENSO is not a just lyricist, writer and producer, he often contributes his crooning skills to his and other artists’ songs, thereby showcasing his versatility as an artist. ENSO’s wide-ranging spectrum may have to do with his multi-genre influences, which include Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, Kurt Cobain, and Pharrell Williams. As a result of such diverse influence, ENSO’s music is a fusion of street lyricism, with nostalgic rhythms and jazzy undertones that any music lover can appreciate. ENSO’s latest project, the “Leavenworth EP” (LVEP), is set for release. It is his third project as an artist, but will be his first as part of TRT and KMG. True to the spirit of his partial namesake, ENSO delivered the EP “his way”, recording all eight tracks in one day. The first single from the LVEP, “Basic” is now available for download. Fans will be able to enjoy all the fruits of his 24-hour labor when the EP is released on December 12, 2012 (12-12-12). Along with preparing for the EP’s release, ENSO will soon be back in the studio to begin recording for a TRT mixtape. Both are set for release in early 2013.

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